Procomec is an engineering operating in the mechanical sector.
Born in 1994 has increased projects numbers and improved offered quality.
Tanks to a structure extremely flexible and professional, Procomec is able to supply a reliable support on a wide range of mechanical sector.
Designing, planning, calculation, advanced simulation and experimental data analysis are some of strong points that distinguish our activity.
Union among our engineers, softwares and partnerships with research companies and organizations (Lapcos), allow us a wide range of services as advanced calculations and simulations:

Static and dynamic structural analysis
Linear and non-linear structural analysis
Steady and transient thermal analysis
Multibody simulations
Fluid dynamics simulations
In order to provide our clients with advanced products, we have 3D CAD (Solid Edge) and fitting designers with experience in particular regarding automotive sector and special equipments. We are able to offer “keys in hand” designs and prototypes managing even pre-series.
Data Acquisition
Our strength comes from a scientific approach to problems that combine, in a systematic way, reckoning and simulations theories to experimental checkout in order to achieve an effective feedback on mechanical system behavior.

Experimental Test:
Designing and carrying out of experimental tests
Designing and managing of test benches
Logging and processing of experimental data

Race support:
Supplying and management of data acquisition systems.
Car engineers for data acquisition and car setup
Team manager for racing team.
MTB fork component
FEM analysis of a die-cast aluminum mountain bike fork component (made) by Marzocchi.
The structural analysis is carried out simulating most critical cases, determined through experimental measurements with extensometers and accelerometers.
We optimized fork geometry and working through evaluating of stresses and strains.
Vehicles rims
Life fatigue analysis of industrial vehicles rims (made) by Fira Industriale.
Geometries and thicknesses that better match EUWA requirements are established through life cycles simulations.
The results was verified with tests leaded by us.
Horizontally pivoted gates
Developed in collaboration with Faentia Consulting for OSMA company, tests and reckonings was performed.
The kinematics 3D model was studied with “Solid Edge Motion” and the structural response against wind pressure, provided by UNI EN-12424 standard, with “MSC.Nastran”.
Motorcycles Steering Head
Developed in collaboration with Marzocchi, stress state was checked.
The aim of this analysis was the correct schematization of contact in order to correctly evaluate loads.
Contact non linear equations was solved by the mean of “MSC.Nastran” and “MSC.Marc”.
4 strokes engine kart
A 4 strokes engine was designed and realized for Birel spa.
Procomec had carried out the entire designing, managed prototype manufacturing, executed assembling, carried bench and track test.
Vehicle suspension
For CRG spa was designed an off-road vehicle.
The suspension kinematics design was carried out by the mean of advanced simulation software as Solid Edge Motion and MSC.Adams and specific suspension design software.
Rims flanging equipment
For Fira Industriale srl was designed a special equipment in order to manufacture wheel rims.
Out of all activities carried out, there was studying of hydraulics hose lay-out, greasing scheme, cooling system and loom plan.
Race support
We've driven.
We've raced.
We've crashed.
We've lived in (on) circuits.
We've cleaned out brakes.
We've talked to drivers.
We've made every kind of tests...and we can enable you to win, now!
Automotive Gearbox
Knowledge of most advanced data acquisition software and hardware packages has allowed us to manage tests to develop a super-sport car gearbox.
This gearbox is installed on some of most prestigious sport cars.
Nissan Pathfinder 2008
In collaboration with Tecnosport Italia, the whole chassis (frame, suspensions, tanks, cockpit) was designed for an off-road car, which starting from 2008, will take part in the world championship TOUT TERRAIN FIA and in PARIS DAKAR. These cars operate under tough conditions, yet their overall weight must be kept low, that is why each detail needs to be designed with extreme care, turning these vehicles into Formula 1 cars in the desert. The following was provided: Car layout design; Self-supporting frame design; Structural analysis; Prototype construction management; Car testing and development; Support during racing events.
Chrono Box
CHRONO BOX - High-strength aluminium frame - 15 or 17-inch LCD monitors - 2 or 4 seats - Wide range of colours and customizations - Available in 3 configurations: Daytona, Sabring, Petit le Mans OPTIONAL FEATURES: - 17'' LCD monitors - Rain awning - Wooden board and table - Retractable swivel castors - Second set of coloured panels AVAILABLE COLOURS: Black - White - Fuchsia - Green - Yellow - Blue - Red

Daytona 4 seats, four 17'' LCD monitors, Aluminium frame, Wooden board and table, Coloured Plexiglas panels Open: 2,4 x 0,8 x 2,3 m (7,87 x 2,62 x 7,55 ft) Closed: 2,4 x 0,8 x 0,4 m (7,87 x 2,62 x 1,31 ft) Sebring 4 seats, four 15'' LCD monitors, Aluminium frame, Wooden board and table, Coloured Plexiglas panels Open: 2,4 x 0,8 x 2,3 m (7,87 x 2,62 x 7,55 ft) Closed: 2,4 x 0,8 x 0,4 m (7,87 x 2,62 x 1,31 ft) Petit le Mans 2 seats, two 15'' LCD monitors, Aluminium frame, Wooden board and table, Coloured Plexiglas panels Open: 1,2 x 0,8 x 2,3 m (3,94 x 2,62 x 7,55 ft) Closed: 1,2 x 0,8 x 0,4 m (3,94 x 2,62 x 1,31 ft)
Clients and Partners
We interpret relationship customer- supplier in a collaborative and constructive way.
It’s a new team with the common aim of reaching targets.
Through our customers and partners we are present in several fields of mechanics: from automotive to aerospace sector; from special and sport equipment to test bench.
Through our customers and partners we’ve got skilled.
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Main office:
via Grande, 350
47032 Bertinoro (FC) Italy
tel 0543 449301
fax 0543 449395
Test house and workshop:
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